Founder and Coordinator

torrengoMy current focus of interest is the connection between temporal experience and the fundamental features of temporal reality. On the one hand, I am developing an account of temporal experience that aims at being empirically plausible and compatible with the B-theory.  On the other hand, I am exploring alternative metaphysics to standard A- and B-theory. Relatedly, I am working on the open future, and on an original account of explanation in metaphysics of time.

I am currently an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy at the State University of Milan. I am supervising three PhD students of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences, and two post-docs at the Department of Philosophy.

Selection of Pubblications 

2019 (with G. Spolaore) “The moving spotlight(s)”, forthcoming in Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy

2019 (with S. Iaquinto) “Flow Fragmentalism”, Theoria 85: 185-201 (DOI: 10.1111/theo.12182)

2018 (with G. Andreoletti) “Time travel and the immutability of the past with B-theoretical models”, Philosophia (online first)

2018 Filosofia del Futuro [Philosophy of the Future] (with S. Iaquinto), Milano: Raffaello Cortina (Click here for the public reaction to the book. Reviewed by A. Frigerio in Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica 111, 2019)

2017 “Feeling the passing of time”, The Journal of Philosophy, 114, 4: 165-188

2017 “Perspectival Tenses and Dynamic Tenses”, Erkenntnis 

2017 “Nunc pro tunc. The Problem of Retroactive Enactments”, Philosophia

2017 “Time travel and coincidence-free local dynamical theories”, Synthese 

2017 “The Myth of Presentism’s Intuitive Appeal”, Phenomenology and Mind, 12: 50-55

2017 “Hyper-Russellian Skepticism”, Metaphysica

2016 “Presentism and the Sceptical Challenge”, Manuscrito, 39, 4: 101-116

2015 “Chronometric Explanations”, Philosophia, 44,1: 275-287

2014 “Ostrich Presentism”, Philosophical Studies, 170: 255-276

2013 “The Grounding Problem and Presentist Explanations”, Synthese190: 2047–2063

2013 “Yet Another Confusion about Time-Travel”, Disputatio, 1, 35: 49-56

2013 “Time Travel and the Thin Red Line”, in P. Graziani and M. Sangoi (eds.) Open Problems in the Philosophy of Science, London, College Publications: 245-258.

2013 “The Metaphysics of the Thin Red Line” (with A. Borghini), in F. Correia, A. Iacona (eds.), Around the Tree, Berlin, Synthese Library, Springer Verlag: 105-125.

2012 “Time and Simple Existence”, Metaphysica, 13:125–130

2011 “The Modal Dimension”, Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 19: 105–120

2011 “The not so incredible shrinking future” (with R. Casati), Analysis, 71, 2: 240–44 

2010 “Perspectival Truth and Perspectival Realism”, in F. Recanati, I. Stojanovic, N. Villanueva (eds.) Context-dependence, perspective and relativity in language and thought, De Gruyter, Mouton Series in Pragmatics: 333-48 

2010 “Time, Context, and Cross-temporal Claims”, Philosophia, 38: 281-296


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