Dr Andreoletti

The CPT is pleased and proud to announce that our PhD student, Giacomo Andreoletti, has recently passed his PhD defence. Giacomo’s dissertation, titled ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger. Freedom, Fatalism and the Future’, was supervised by Giuliano Torrengo (Milan) and Achille Varzi (Columbia), and examined by Ned Markosian (UMass Amherst), with Andrea Iacona (Torino) and Stephan Torre (Aberdeen) as external readers. Giacomo’s dissertation on the metaphysics of time and fatalism passed with flying colours. But, then again, it was always fated to be so. Many congratulations, Dr Andreoletti!

    May & June 2017

The CPT is delighted to announce an exciting programme of events (in and around the Centre) for May and June 2017, including two TIME-METHODS workshops, a PhD course on the metaphysics of time, and a major international conference on the philosophy of time. The events are as follows:
2nd–3rd May:  TIME-METHODS Workshop on ‘The Open Future
10th May:  Ontoformat Double Colloquium: Marta Campdelacreu (Barcelona, LOGOS) and Ciro De Florio (Cattolica) & Luca Zanetti (Pavia)*
18th May:  Ontoformat Double Colloquium: Martin Pickup (Oxford) and Riccardo Baratella (Padua)*
22nd–26th May:  Tzuchien Tho (Milan), PhD course on ‘Conatus and Inertia between Metaphysics, Physics and Social Theory’*
22nd–26th May:  Robert Stalnaker (MIT), Casalegno Lectures on ‘Counterfactuals and Practical Reason’*
1st June:  Ontoformat Colloquium: Andrea Bottani (Bergamo) & Alfredo Tomasetta (Pavia)*
5th–7th June:  Sara Bernstein & Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame), PhD course on ‘The Structure of Time: Divisibility and Causation’
8th June:  Colloquium: Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame), ‘Time and Parsimony
9th June:  Colloquium: Sara Bernstein (Notre Dame), ‘Temporal Passage and Time Travel
9th June:  Roundtable on ‘Time Travel’ with Sara Bernstein (Notre Dame) & Giuliano Torrengo (Milan)
21st June:  Ontoformat Colloquium: Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers)*
27th June:  Colloquium: David Braddon-Mitchell (Sydney), Lessons From a Decision Theory for Time Travellers
28th June:  TIME-METHODS Workshop on ‘The Moving Spotlight
(NB. ‘*’ indicates events hosted in the Dept. of Philosophy, but not organised by the CPT.)


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