Senior Member

Davide BordiniI have done research on issues in the philosophy of emotions, the philosophy of perception and cognitive phenomenology. Recently, and thanks to the activity of the Centre, problems concerning the way we experience the passing of time, and the perception of motion and change have sparked my interest.

Recent Publications

forthcoming ‘Who is Afraid of Ambivalent Emotions?’ (with Marco Santambrogio), in Konzelman-Zif, Tappolet and Teroni (eds.), Shadows of the Soul, Oxford University Press

2016 ‘Tip-of-the-tongue experiences. A modest proposal in cognitive phenomenology’, Phenomenology and Mind: 86-93

2016 ‘‘Ancona’? Aha, That’s her Name! Tip-of the-tongue-experiences’, Analysis

2015 ‘The Far Side of Things. Seeing Visualizing and Knowing’, in D. Moyal-Sharrock, V. Munz, A. Coliva (eds.), Mind, Language and Action, Proceedings of the 36th International Wittgenstein Symposium, De Gruyter

2015 ‘The Blurred Hen’, in A. Reboul (ed.), Mind, Values and Metaphysics: Philosophical Papers dedicated to Kevin Mulligan, Springer


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