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iaquinto​My research mainly focuses on metaphysics, in particular on non-standard versions of tense realism. I’m also interested in philosophical logic, especially on applications of modal logic.

I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy and Education at the University of Turin. I’m also a Research Assistant in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education, and Applied Psychology at the University of Padua.

For more info on my research: Personal Website, PhilPeopleAcademia.edu, Google Scholar.

Selected Publications


2021 “A Philosophically Neutral Semantics for Perception Sentences”, with G. Spolaore, Theoria, online first

2021 “Credible Futures”, with A. Iacona, Synthese 199: 10953-10968

2021 “Is the World a Heap of Quantum Fragments?”, with C. Calosi, Philosophical Studies 178: 2009-2019

2020 “Materiality, Parthood, and Possibility”, with G. Torrengo, Erkenntnis, online first

2020 “The Invisible Thin Red Line”, with G. Torrengo, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 101: 354-382

2020 “Modal Fragmentalism”, The Philosophical Quarterly 70: 570-587

2019 “Fragmentalist Presentist Perdurantism”, Philosophia 47: 693-703

2019 “Outline of a Logic of Knowledge of Acquaintance”, with G. Spolaore, Analysis 79: 52-61

2019 “Flow Fragmentalism”, with G. Torrengo, Theoria 85: 185-201


forthcoming 2022 Fragmenting Reality: An Essay on Passage, Causality, and Time Travel, with G. Torrengo, London: Bloomsbury Academic

2018 Filosofia del Futuro [Philosophy of the Future], with G. Torrengo, Milano: Raffaello Cortina (Reviewed by A. Frigerio in Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica 111, 2019)

2016 Introduzione alle Logiche Modali [An Introduction to Modal Logic], with M. Frixione and M. Vignolo, Roma-Bari: Laterza (Reviewed by M. Scarpati in APhEx 18, 2018)

Encyclopedia Entry

2020 “Tempo [Time]”, Enciclopedia Italiana di Lettere, Scienze e Arti, X Appendice, Rome: Treccani, pp. 615-619


2017 “R. Cameron, The Moving Spotlight, OUP, Oxford, 2015, pp. 240”, with Valerio Buonomo, Argumenta. Journal of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy 4: 375-377


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