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iaquinto​I’m a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science in the Department of Humanities at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Vercelli, Italy.

My research mainly focuses on metaphysics, in particular on non-standard versions of tense realism. I’m also interested in philosophical logic, especially on applications of modal logic.

For more info: Personal Website, PhilPeople.

Selected Papers

Forthcoming “Postsemantic Peirceanism”, with A. Iacona, American Philosophical Quarterly

2022 “A Philosophically Neutral Semantics for Perception Sentences”, with G. Spolaore, Theoria 88: 532-544

2022 “Materiality, Parthood, and Possibility”, with G. Torrengo, Erkenntnis 87: 1125-1131

2021 “Credible Futures”, with A. Iacona, Synthese 199: 10953-10968

2021 “Is the World a Heap of Quantum Fragments?”, with C. Calosi, Philosophical Studies 178: 2009-2019

2020 “Tempo [Time]”, Enciclopedia Treccani, X Appendice: 615-619

2020 “The Invisible Thin Red Line”, with G. Torrengo, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 101: 354-382

2020 “Modal Fragmentalism”, The Philosophical Quarterly 70: 570-587

2019 “Fragmentalist Presentist Perdurantism”, Philosophia 47: 693-703

2019 “Outline of a Logic of Knowledge of Acquaintance”, with G. Spolaore, Analysis 79: 52-61

2019 “Flow Fragmentalism”, with G. Torrengo, Theoria 85: 185-201


Forthcoming Fragmenting Reality: An Essay on Passage, Causality and Time Travel, with G. Torrengo, London: Bloomsbury Academic

2018 Filosofia del Futuro [Philosophy of the Future], with G. Torrengo, Milan: Raffaello Cortina (Click here for the public reaction to the book)

2016 Introduzione alle Logiche Modali [An Introduction to Modal Logic], with M. Frixione and M. Vignolo, Rome-Bari: Laterza


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