IAPT STEERING COMMITTEE: A. Bardon (Wake Forest), U. Meyer (Colgate), K. Miller (Sydney), G. Torrengo (Milan)

The International Association for the Philosophy of Time is formed by the Philosophy of Time Society, the Centre for Time, and the Centre for Philosophy of Time.

The main purpose of IAPT is facilitating the exchange of information and collaboration in joint projects.

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Under the auspices of the IAPT, a regular annual meeting on the state of the art in philosophy of time is held, rotating each year between Australasia, the US, and Europe.


Fourth IAPT Meeting

June 12-14, 2017
Gargnano del Garda, Italy


The International Association for the Philosophy of Time (IAPT) is pleased to announce its 4th annual IAPT conference, to be held from 12th–14th June 2017, at the Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy.

The IAPT conference will involve five themed sessions with invited keynote speakers and several open sessions. The themed sessions (with keynotes) are as follows:

The Logic and Language of Time — Patrick Blackburn (Roskilde)

Time, Action, and Ethics — Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)

Temporal Experience — Jenann Ismael (Arizona)

Time and the Scientific Image — Tim Maudlin (NYU)

Non-Standard A Theories — Sven Rosenkranz (Barcelona)

Round Table on Temporal Illusions:

V. Arstila (Turku), A. Bardon (Wake Forest), and S. Power (Dublin)


For the programme, click here.

NB. The full conference fee is €120, which includes all meals (served in the Palazzo Feltrinelli). If you do not plan to attend any meals, you must instead pay a fee of €40, which covers the conference materials (and coffee breaks). Please contact Samuele Iaquinto ( for further information.

Organising Committee:

A. Bardon (Wake Forest), D. Bordini (Milan), V. Buonomo (Milan), C. Calosi (Neuchâtel), F. Correia (Neuchâtel), S. Iaquinto (Milan), D. Ingram (Milan), U. Meyer (Colgate), K. Miller (Sydney), B. Neeser (Neuchâtel), G. Torrengo (Milan), C. Wüthrich (Geneva), and N. Young (Milan).


State University of Milan (15-5-3007000-601), Fondazione Cariplo-Regione Lombardia (15-6-3007000-2021), Philosophy of Time Society, Department of Philosophy (State University of Milan), Department of Philosophy (Wake Forest University), Thomas Jack Lynch Philosophy Fund.


2016  Third IAPT Meeting

2015 — Time: Arrows, Experience, Emergence

2014 — Gargnano Philosophy of Time Conference

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