Workshop on Emotions, Imagination, and Time

21-23 September 2017, Lake Garda, Italy 



The Department of Philosophy at the University of Milan (Centre for the Philosophy of Time) and the universities of Modena, Lancaster and York are pleased to announce the workshop Emotions, Imagination, and Time, to be held from the 21st–23rd September, at the Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Carla Bagnoli (Modena and Reggio Emilia, Oslo)

Davide Bordini & Giuliano Torrengo (Milan)

Clotilde Calabi & Nick Young (Milan)

Laura Candiotto (Edinburgh)

Dorothea Debus (York)

Julien Deonna (Geneva)

Christoph Hoerl (Warwick) & Theresa McCormack (Queen’s University Belfast)

Rob Hopkins (NYU)

Clare Mac-Cumhaill (Durham)

Kevin Mulligan (Geneva)

Sabine Roeser (TU Delft)

Cain Todd (Lancaster)


Andrea Borghini (Holy Cross)

Daniele Cassaghi (Milan)

Alison Fernandes (Warwick)

Andrea Giananti (Fribourg)

Kris Goffin (Antwerp)

Francesco Guala (Milan)

Samuele Iaquinto (Milan)

Anna Ichino (Antwerp)

Roberta Locatelli (Tübingen)

Jack Shardlow (Warwick)


C. Bagnoli, D. Bordini, C. Calabi, D. Debus, C. Todd, G. Torrengo, and N. Young

Imagination and the emotions have been subjected to intense philosophical scrutiny, but less attention has been paid to the fact that both are inherently temporal mental states. They can be directed at the future or the past: we can anxiously imagine what a future event will be like, or ruefully imagine what we could have said in an awkward situation. They also unfold over time: a bad mood can dissipate as the day goes by, we can imagine our favourite artwork for the length of time it takes the elevator to arrive. This workshop explores the temporal aspects of emotion and imagination, and how they relate to perception, rationality, aesthetics, and moral judgement.   

Accommodation is available for attendees at the Palazzo Feltrinelli (250 Euros for three nights, including catering) although places are limited. Transportation between Milan and Gargnano can be arranged for the day before and final day of the conference (see also   

Please contact Nick Young ( for more information.


21-23 September – Workshop on Emotions, Imagination, and Time