Giuseppe Spolaore

Senior Member

giuseppe spolaoreGiuseppe (Beppe) Spolaore is associate professor of philosophy of language at the university of Padua. Beppe loves philosophical puzzles. The philosophy of time is an endless source of puzzlement. Unsurprisingly, then, Beppe also loves the philosophy of time, albeit in a somewhat derivative way. His main interests within this area are the branching conception of time, the topology and mereology of time, the experience and phenomenology of time, the semantics of tense, the connection between fiction, imagination, and time.

Recent Publications

2020 ‘Subject matter: a modest proposal’, Philosophical Quarterly, online first (with M. Plebani).

2020 ‘The actual future is open’, Erkenntnis, 85, 1: 99–119 (with F. Gallina).

2019 ‘Outline of a Logic of Knowledge of Acquaintance’, Analysis, 79, 1: 52–61 (with S. Iaquinto).

2019 ‘The Moving Spotlight(s)’, Inquiry, online first (with G. Torrengo).

2018 ‘Michelangelo’s Puzzle’, Philosophia, 46, 2: 453– 464 (with P. Giaretta).

2018 ‘Out of nothing’, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, 7: 132–138 (with D. Sgaravatti).

2017 ‘Gunky Time and Indeterminate Existence’, Manuscrito 40: 81–86.

2016 ‘From Ernesto to Eternity’, in A. Bianchi, V. Morato,
 G. Spolaore (eds.), The Importance of Being Called Ernesto, Padova University Press, Padova: 345–355.

2015 ‘Agency and Fictional Truth’, Synthese 192: 1235–1265.


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