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jonathanI’m currently working on four main projects: two in traditional metaphysics, one in the philosophy of mathematics, and one that concerns philosophical methodology and the role of intuitions.

1. I’m trying to motivate and defend a version of presentism–that I call ‘Existence Presentism’. This involves discussions of temporal passage, successful reference to the past, change, and how we should understand the connection between philosophy and science.

2. I argue (in a few places) that that not all truths require ground. I’m now looking to do more on this, spelling out which truths do need ground, and defending my initial arguments from some recent attacks in the literature. On this project I often find myself writing and thinking about priority, dependence, fundamentality and explanation.

3. I defend a kind of ‘hard road’ nominalism in the philosophy of mathematics. I’m currently doing more work spelling out the details of some of the nominalist moves that are required.

4. Like a lot of people, I’m interested in the role of intuition in inquiry. The route I’m pursuing is trying to locate the role of intuition in science and then seeing whether or not that can be connected back to the use of intuitions in philosophy.

Recent Publications


Forthcoming “Causation in a Timeless World?”, Inquiry
Forthcoming “Presentism Remains”, Erkenntnis
2018 “Presentism” (with David Ingram), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
2018 “An Error in Temporal Error Theory”, Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 4: 14-32
2018 “Presentism, Persistence and Trans-temporal Dependence”Philosophical Studies, 175: 2209-2220

2016 “Temporal Passage and the No Alternate Possibilities Argument”Manuscrito, 39: 35-47 [Special Issue on the Philosophy of Time, with a response written by Tim Maudlin]

2016 “The Philosophy of Time and the Implications from Renaissance Art” (with Gabriele Neher), in Goetsche, D. ed. Critical Time in Modern German Literature and Culture, Peter Lang Press, Oxford: 27-46

2015 “The New A-theory of Time”, Inquiry: Special Issue on Tensism, 58: 535-60

2015 “Ontological Dependence in a Space-time World”, Philosophical Studies, 172: 3101-3118

2015 “Presentism, Truthmaking and Necessary Connections”, Theoria, 81: 211-21

2015 “Nefarious Presentism” (with David Ingram), Philosophical Quarterly, 65: 355-71


Forthcoming (to be published 30th October): Truth and the World, Routledge