06 June 2024 – Beppe Spolaore (University of Padua) – “The Varieties of Branching Time”

Aula “Martinetti”, Via Festa del Perdono 7, h. 11:00

Branching time (BT) frames are tree-like networks of histories (also known as possible worlds). BT frames are tools that can be used for a number of purposes. However, they were originally introduced and are still used by philosophers with two key purposes or canonical applications in mind. The first purpose is to provide semantics for a family of tense-modal logics, known today as branching time logics. The second is to help model our (presumably) indeterministic universe and its temporal and modal features. Both applications have given rise to a variety of branching-time-based semantics and metaphysics.
In this talk, I assume familiarity with BT frames and their canonical applications and explore the connections between different interpretations of BT frames (i.e., views about what they are and how they project onto reality) and different BT-based semantics and metaphysics. In the process, I try to dispel some common philosophical misconceptions.

06 June 2024 – Beppe Spolaore (University of Padua) – “The Varieties of Branching Time”
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